Real Estate – What Makes A Property Desirable?

If you were to ask a group of people looking for a new home what makes a particular city, town or neighborhood desirable real estate, you would likely get similar answers from all the respondents. What do these in-demand locations have in common? Consider the following:Downtown LivingThe closer a person lives to the center of town, the higher the cost. A person who wants to be within walking distance of where the action is will pay a premium price for the privilege.Close to WaterIf you want to live near a body of water, you will need to dig deeper into your wallet. Ocean- or lakefront properties are typically more expensive than those located further inland. Some people think of this purchase as an investment and count on the value of the property increasing quickly.Property owners may decide to use their home near the water as a vacation get-away location only. The property may be rented out when the owners are not using it as a way to defray the cost of owning and maintaining the property.Golf Course NearbyWhen looking for a new home if you see a sign indicating that a golf course is nearby, you know you are looking at a home in a very desirable neighborhood. There is something about being close to a golf course that immediately suggests luxurious living.Older HomeOlder homes that make it onto the list of most desirable real estate were likely built at least a century ago. A person interested in one of these homes is not only buying the building and the land it sits on; they are also buying the sense of history that comes with the property.To them, older homes have more character than their modern counterparts. The craftsmanship demonstrated by builders in days gone by is not something that can easily be duplicated today.Large HomeWhen asked to describe their dream home, people tend to talk about a spacious home with large, airy rooms featuring high ceilings. We want to avoid the feeling of being cramped or having our furniture jammed into a too-small space.Close to AmenitiesPeople want to live close to the conveniences of modern life. The conveniences which are important to us vary, depending on what stage of life we are in. People with young families want to live near schools. Depending on what activities their children are involved in, they may want to live close to a swimming pool, skating rink, soccer field, or a dance studio.No one wants to drive for a long distance to get to a shopping center, day care center, church or synagogue, doctor, dentist, or veterinarian. Those people who work out regularly will want to live close to a gym.The most desirable real estate locations have these elements in common. Each person who pictures his or her dream home will give more weight to certain items on this wish list. Which ones would be at the top of yours?